I had a blast hanging and playing with four of my favorite musical badass friends from New Orleans in Chicago last weekend!

Improviser, Steve Marquette (guitar) and dancer/writer Marie Casimir bring together an impressive group of musicians and performers in a new collaboration of the The Instigation Orchestra and Djasporas. Inspired by the ongoing exchange of music and movement between New Orleans and Chicago, these two ensembles will meet for the first time for an evening of completely improvised performance.Featuring: Musicians:Mars Williams – saxophones (Chicago), Damon Locks – voice (Chicago), Ben LaMar Gay – cornet, voice (Chicago), Anton Hatwich – bass (Chicago), Steve Marquette – guitar (Chicago), Avreeayl Ra – drums (Chicago), Jeff Albert – trombone (New Orleans), Aurora Nealand – reeds, accordion, voice (New Orleans, )Helen Gillet – cello (New Orleans), James Singleton – bass (New Orleans), Paul Thibodeaux – drums (New Orleans) Dancers /Performers Marie Casimir, Meida McNeal (HPP), Felicia Holman (HPP), Cristal Sabbagh,  Onye Ozuzu, Kantara Souffrant, Jarrell Hamilton (New Orleans), Maritza Mercado-Narcisse (New Orleans)

STAY TUNED for a repeat performance in February 201714231894_10101943686992701_8647894601221900240_oin New Orleans!14372041_10101951400080611_7814508121320841937_oinstigationorchestrafull