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Globe Trotting, jazz-based cellist, singer, composer and improviser Helen Gillet performs her own eclectic mix of French, Contemporary Jazz, North Indian, Blues and Classical styles. She has won three music awards since moving to her home town of New Orleans in 2002: Best Female Performer (2014 Gambit Big Easy Awards), Best Mixed Bag (2012 Gambit Big Easy Awards) and Best Contemporary Jazz (2011 Gambit Big Easy Awards).

Her self produced discography of recorded work
Wazozo Newton Circus 2009 (French Chansons)
Running of the Bells 2011 (Instrumental Trio)
Helen Gillet 2012 (Solo looped cello & voice)
Ferdinand 2013 (Instrumental Duo)
Bangkok Silver 2015 (Solo looped cello & voice)
Dusk in Wallonia 2015 (French Chansons)
Live at St. Louis Cathedral 2015 (French Holiday)
The Wind Shakes Trees 2016 (Solo looped cello & voice)